Monday, May 28, 2012

Moving, bugs and greasers

What a fun stage we are at with both Anders and Lars! Anders has just started reading and Lars got to little bottom teeth. 
We are loving our boys and trying to soak up each precious (and not so precious) moment. 
In other news we are getting ready to move out of our quaint back house with the big back yard and built in friends to a house that is closer to Chris' work. We will still have a good sized back yard although it is a jungle at the moment but we will REALLY miss this sweet community that we have enjoyed for the past two years.
Things I won't miss, BUGS! We have different bug seasons and right now we are in the pincher bug/spider/occasional cockroach that has wandered in from outside season. Summer is pincher bug/leaf bug season.

I won't miss the small utilitarian kitchen, the lack of a dishwasher, garbage disposal and storage.
I won't miss sharing a tiny water heater with the next door neighbors.
I won't miss tripping over our stuff and knocking things over if I turn around.

Things that we will miss - our good neighbor friends, the hight ceilings and the neighbor dogs. (right now Charlie the chocolate lab is sitting next to me). We will also miss Anders school which has been a huge blessing to him this year.

I AM looking forward to having our own washer and dryer! I AM looking forward to having doors on our rooms. I AM looking forward to having a second bathroom. I AM looking forward to having a real living room and a real fireplace. I already can imagine cozy fires on the cool california winter nights.
I AM looking forward to having a covered front porch and our own driveway to pull our cars into.

Anders and I have been talking about how it is o.k to be sad about leaving but to also look forward to the new thing. He has been having a hard time thinking about not having his friends a few steps away. But yesterday we went over to the new house and he got to play in the "jungle" back yard and run around in the front and he seems much more happy about the "new". 

School has been drawing to a close and he only has 13 or so more days until school is out. This past Friday his class put on a "Mothers and Fathers Day" performance and it was SO cute! It was a 50's theme and Anders loved dressing up like a greaser for the event. The kids performed songs, danced and recited sweet poems. After the performance they presented us with handmade gifts. Pictures for the moms and clay paper weights for the dads. Then they had us all sit in the little chairs and handed out cold tea and pastries. It was one of the cutest things ever! I heard one little boy say to his dad as he handed him the snack "For your service"!  I love 4 and 5 year olds....


Ariana said...

Thanks for sharing, Gretchen, about all the sweet things happening in your family. ALL of those pictures are totally adorable! I am happy for you to be moving to a place with a garbage disposal and dishwasher-- both things we are missing now. I'm sorry you'll be leaving your sweet community behind (never to be taken for granted!) and am wishing you quick and easy friendships in your new home. Love to you!

Gretchen said...

Oh Ariana, you are sweet! Thank you so much. As you know change is hard but good too. =0)

Robin said...

Thanks for the nice post, dear. I'm so glad you've had this time in Winnetka! We look forward to you all being a little closer to us!!
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Gigi, Chris, Anders and Lars. Hope the move goes well and the weather is not too hot. So glad for Chris to have more time at home. And for more conveniences for you to take care of the household needs of a growing family. Love you and yours. Dad

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

It's good that you see the best in both locations. :) Anders' school has really been amazing! I bet he will make new friends at his new school, too. Excited that you get to move into a larger place. :)

Grandma Seelye said...

You are such a good writer! I like your thoughts about the "good" in both places.Praying for all the details of your move. Love you!

Diana said...

Cute cute cute!!! I must say that I sighed with longing when you said two bathrooms. We just have one and now that I'm pregnant I'm realizing just how much better life would be with even just a second toilet stashed in a closet somewhere! Hope your move has gone smoothly.