Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun weekend and Canadian Shannon visits

What a fun and busy weekend we had! It started on Friday when Anders and I drove down to my Mom and Dads house. Chris came after work (late) to meet us there and spend the weekend together.  On Saturday I worked until around 2 and then met Chris and Anders at the local Chick-Fillet for lunch.  That evening my folks watched Anders so we could get a date night which we spent enjoying gourmet food and fun company with friends Simon and Kristy. Sunday we went to my parents church and then all went to Penn park in Whittier to continue the yearly Mother's Day tradition of Subway sandwiches and family time. My friend Shannon came into town for a conference and came down to spend a couple of nights with us. I haven't seen her in over 7 years! She and I went to Bible school together in Sask.  Canada.
Monday I took Shannon to Leo Carillo State beach and Malibu and we enjoyed lounging around despite the cold wind.  Anders had fun looking for rocks and kicking sand on us. 
On Tuesday I drove her back to deep Orange County to the airport and then stopped at an ultrasound place that a friend had told me about. It was fun to get to see our little stranger kicking around with little arms and legs stretching all over the place. I've been so busy that it was special to take some time and connect with this little one. 
Yesterday was Anders half day pre-school and today he spend all day (9-4) at a possible school possibility. I'll write about that one later. 
So needless to say I'm all tuckered out. I'm keeping Anders home from school tomorrow to catch up on rest and play and hopefully I'll be able to put my feet up too! 

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Anonymous said...

Fun to see pics of Anders at the beach. Have a good week. Love, Dad.