Monday, November 2, 2009

Kids say/do the darnedest things....

Two days ago I came into the living room/dining room and found Anders opening and closing the lid of the kitchen trash can and taking big whiffs from it. I was horrified because it was a very full can and who knows what was in there! I asked him why he was smelling the trash and he said in a dopey dreamy voice "It smells like donuts". REALLY??....


Yesterday Chris, Anders and I were enjoying a nice Sunday breakfast at the table. Chris is bouncing his leg (a habit he has that can be a bit distracting). Since Anders is getting more opinionated and sometimes ornery I thought this might be a funny conversation to look back on.

Anders - "Daddy, stop stomping your leg!"

Chris - "I can't, it's broken"

Anders - "Well, take it off and get a new one! That one's really OLD!"

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Anonymous said...

THAT is a funny conversation!
Aunt G